Our aim

We aim for the gastronomy of Trikala, under the “Meteorisimo” brand name, to receive both national and international acclaim.

Vasilis Giagiakos, President of the Chamber of Trikala

The consistent and continual actions of METEORISIMO are constantly promoted by the modern interactive media. This is attested by the admission of METEORISIMO in the list of locally produced goods, in the the shops carrying those goods and also in eating establishments carrying the METEORISIMO badge, the menus of which include a special section fro local cuisine.

Tourists can enjoy the flavors and aromas of “Meteorisimo” in certified local restaurants and taverns.

Today, I am pleased to invite you to visit the county of Trikala for an unforgettable tourist experience in a gastronomic destination where you will feel welcome and experience the rich taste of our local cuisine, thanks to the aromatic herbs and plants of Koziakas. Those aromatic herbs and plants formed the base for the certification of the sausage of Trikala as a designated geographical product, after the molecular accreditation of the exceptional quality of local oregano.

METEORISIMO is our homeland and our conduct. It is our own complete and distinct sentence in the chapter of gastronomy and international gastronomical tourism. It is a part of our culture and our heart being offered generously with love and care to the whole world.

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